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The camera will not take a picture of a smiling subject when shooting in the Smile Shutter mode.

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After the Smile Shutter mode is selected, press the shutter button. The Smile Shutter mode is not activated until the shutter button is pressed.

The Smile Shutter mode is effective only for a face that has been detected. If the face is not recognized in the face detection frame, the shutter is not released and the camera will not take a picture even if the subject smiles. If multiple faces are detected, the Smile Shutter mode is effective for one of the faces only.

NOTE: If you use the Priority setting and register a face as the priority subject, the Smile Shutter function cannot be used for other faces. The Smile Shutter function is only used with the face you registered.

If the camera still does not take a picture even if the face in the detection frame smiles, change the Smile Level setting (sometimes referred to as Smile Detection Sensitivity) to High or Slight Smile, depending on your camera. This will make it easier for the camera to detect a smile.

IMPORTANT: The Smile Shutter mode on camcorders cannot be used when using the Mirror mode for the LCD screen.

NOTE: It is difficult to detect a smile under the following circumstances:

  • When the face is too dark or too bright
  • When the subject is far from the camera and too small on the LCD screen
  • When the subject is wearing sunglasses or glasses with thick frames
  • When the front hair, hat, or other objects are covering the eyes
  • When the subject is not facing the front

If necessary, further information about how to use the Smile Shutter mode and Smile Level setting is available in the operating instructions supplied with the product.