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Can't wirelessly save files on my computer using PlayMemories Home software

    Before You Start

    • Make sure your camera is compatible with the PlayMemories Home™ (PMH) software. Check your manual for details. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    • The PMH software ver. 2.0 or later supports data import through a wireless connection.


    Follow these steps to troubleshoot this issue when your camera is connected to a wireless router, but can't connect to the computer due to the settings or connection status. Check if you can use the PMH software to transfer files wirelessly after each step.

    1. Make sure the camera and computer are connected to the same wireless router.
      • Check the signal strength to prevent the connection from being interrupted while importing images. If the signal is weak, move to an area with a stronger signal.
      • Images can't be imported wirelessly using the Wi-Fi Direct® feature.
    2. Update the PlayMemories Home software to the latest version.
      • Check the Wi-Fi import setting of the PMH software.

    3. Make sure that the computer's network classification is set to Private network or Home network.
      • Windows® 10 operating system:

      • Windows® 8 operating system:

      • Windows® 7 operating system:

    4. Disconnect the camera from the wireless network to refresh the connection and then reconnect it again.
    5. Deactivate the firewall security software installed on the computer.
      • Contact the manufacturer of your security software for more information.
    6. Perform a network settings reset on the camera.
    7. Follow the instructions on how to wirelessly import images from your camera to your computer on the PlayMemories home support site.