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Can't Connect a TV with Built-in Wireless LAN to the Internet

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    Before You Start

    Make sure that the TV has an active internet connection.

    Confirm Internet Connection

    If you can't confirm that the wireless router was setup correctly, follow these steps to connect to wireless high-speed internet:

    1. Make sure that the modem or router is on.
    2. Use a computer and visit other websites to verify if the modem or router is already connected to the internet.
    3. If the computer or other internet devices can't connect to the network, the issue might be with the internet service. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for further assistance with the internet subscription.
    4. If a secured wireless network is being used, make sure that the security key or pass phrase is entered correctly.

      • Security keys or pass phrases for wireless network are case sensitive.
      • You can use a computer to verify the security key or pass phrase.
      • If the security key or pass phrase can't be checked using available tools, contact your internet service provider (ISP) for further assistance.
      • WPS Push button method  is an alternative method to connect the TV to the network.
    5. Turn the TV on and check the network status:

      1. On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.
      2. Select Settings.
      3. Select Network Setup.
      4. Select View Network Status.
      5. Press Enter to confirm network status.
    6. Set the Connection Method to Wireless. If the Connection Method setting is set to Wired, follow these steps to change it to Wireless

      1. Press the HOME button.
      2. Select Settings.
      3. Select Network Setup.
      4. Select Set up network connection.
      5. Select Custom.
      6. Select Wireless Setup.
      7. Make sure that the Wireless device is OK and Internet Access is OK.
    7. Make sure that the Network SSID of your wireless router is indicated.
      • You should see the signal strength of your wireless router. You aren't connected if a dash (-) appears.
    8. If the signal strength appears low or weak, try the following:

      • Move the router or access point closer to the TV. While the router should be in range of the TV, it shouldn't be closer than one meter (about 3 feet) from the TV.
      • Turn off or disable any other device on the network. This includes gaming devices, computers, and internet phones.
      • Make sure an IP Address is shown. If the IP Address starts with 169, or if the number displayed flashes, the TV has obtained an incorrect IP address. The IP address should be set manually on the TV in these cases.
    9. If the issue still occurs:

      1. Make sure that the internet speed meets the minimum recommended specification of 2.5Mb for standard definition (SD) content and 10Mb for High Definition (HD) content.
      2. Turn off the network equipments, such as cable modem and router for one minute to reset.
      3. Turn the TV off and unplug it from the wall for one minute.
      4. If the problem still exists, reset the TV to factory settings and complete the initial setup which includes network setup.


    • For DSL customers, the router setup might require a user name and password and the router be set to Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE).
    • BRAVIA® TVs only support broadband internet connections; they're not compatible with dial-up.
    • Not all TVs can connect to a 5Ghz wireless connection. Check your manual if the only available connection is a 5Ghz network. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

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