Article ID : 00012958 / Last Modified : 07/19/2020

The Camera Suddenly Turns Off

    There are multiple reasons why an interchangeable lens camera will turn off, shut down by itself. In most cases it is either a setting in the camera or a symptom of how the camera is being used.

    The Camera is Shutting Off Without an Error or Warning:

    • Check whether power-save mode is on.
      If the camera is not used for a certain period of time, the camera enters into power-save mode. Power-save is released by performing operations such as pressing the shutter button halfway. You can change the length of time before the camera enters power-save mode. For further details, refer to the instruction guide that came with the camera. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    • Check whether the camera still turns off when using another battery pack.
      If you have several battery packs, try another battery pack. If the camera is not turning off when using another battery pack, there may be a malfunction with the original battery pack you are using.

    An Overheating Icon or Message Appears Before the Camera Shuts Down

    An overheat warning icon or overheat error message may appear on the LCD screen if the camera gets too hot due to long continuous shooting or prolonged movie recording.

    To prevent any internal damage, the camera may shut down or power off if you continue to use it after the warning icon or error appeared. This isn't a malfunction, this is a feature of the camera that lets you know that it has reached the allowable operating temperature for it to work at its optimum. Just let the camera cool down for a while and you should be able to record again later.


    • The length of time you allow the camera to cool affects the amount of time you can use it after being turned back on. The longer you allow it to cool, the longer it will take before the internal temperature builds up again. If the camera does not have enough time to cool, the camera will turn off again after a very short period. The cool down time can take up to 10 minutes or longer depending on the camera and environment.
    • If after checking on the suggestions above and the camera still turns off or a temperature warning indicator is showing up, check for the firmware version. If the firmware version is not up-to-date, update the firmware of the camera.

    Additional information regarding overheating icons or overheat messages.