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How to use the Video & TV SideView application for the Android mobile digital device.

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.


    • The Video & TV SideView™ app is a replacement for the Media Remote app, and the Media Remote app is no longer available on either the Google Play™ store website or on the iTunes® website. More information is available that will explain what the Video & TV SideView is and where you can get it .
    • Not all TV or Blu-ray Disc® players support the Video & TV SideView app. To see if your product supports use with Video & TV SideView app, for an Android device check the Video & TV SideView page on Google Play store website, or for an Apple device the iTunes website for a complete list of supported TV and Blu-ray Disc players.

    The Video & TV SideView is an application for an Android™ mobile digital device, Apple® iPhone® mobile digital device or Apple® iPod® touch portable player that works with select Sony® Internet-ready devices. Using the application, you can control those devices just as you would with the remote control of the device.

    Follow the steps below to set up the Video & TV SideView function:


    • The Video & TV SideView application must be downloaded from the Google Play store using your Android mobile digital device.
    • Make sure that the Android mobile digital device is connected to the same home Internet network as the Sony device.
    • When you use this application, be careful of your home network security, especially when you input your personal information using this device.
    1. Make sure that the Internet device is connected to an active high-speed Internet connection.
    2. Select Device Registration from the Network menu of the Internet device.
    3. Using your mobile device, launch Video & TV SideView.
    4. Touch Add Registration.
    5. Follow the directions on the mobile device screen to complete the setup.

      NOTE: The model-number of the remote that was supplied with the Sony product will be required for the setup of the Video & TV SideView feature. If you do not have access to the original remote, check the specifications or operations manual. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    The following are some examples of the basic remote functions that will appear on the phone:

    Display on Phone

    • A Navigation controls: Sliding your finger (also known as flicking) in the desired direction across the on-screen crosshairs allows you to navigate the menu.
    • B Home button: Touching the HOME button will bring up the on-screen menu of the Sony device.
    • C Return button: Touching the RETURN button will allow you to return to the previous menu screen.
    • D Options button: Touching the OPTIONS button will bring up sub-menu options. This provides quick access to frequently used menu options.


    • Using the menu bar you can select more advanced menu options.


    • Flicking or sliding your fingers back and forth on the screen will change the remote panel.
    • Selecting the Keyboard menu option will bring up a keyboard on the phone only when the onscreen keypad is showing. Selecting the Keyboard menu option when this is not the screen will give an error cannot receive texts at this time.
    • If the Google® Voice Search is installed on the Android device, you can also use the voice input function.