Article ID : 00256277 / Last Modified : 03/01/2021

How to connect to a Wi-Fi® network.

    To connect to a Wi-Fi network with your Walkman® player:

    1. Press the Home button.
    2. Press the Settings menu ( Image ), and then tap System settings.
    3. In the Settings menu, press and then slide the Wi-Fi switch to the ON position.
    4. This will turn on Wi-fi. The switch should say ON and it will be blue.
    5. Next tap Wi-Fi.
    6. Your Walkman player will start searching for available Wi-Fi networks. When you see the network you want to connect to in the list under Wi-Fi, tap it.

      NOTE: If for some reason you do not see your network, you can enter the information manually. Tap ADD NETWORK and enter the appropriate information.

    7. You will be prompted to enter your password. Tap in the blank field and then enter the security key / password for the Wi-Fi network you are trying to connect to. Once a connection is established, Connection will display under the network name.