Article ID : 00031086 / Last Modified : 03/30/2021

How to transfer video from a camcorder DVD using the DVD-ROM drive in an Apple Macintosh computer

    Follow these steps to transfer video from a camcorder DVD using the DVD-ROM drive in an Apple® Macintosh® computer.


    • The DVD must be finalized in the camcorder prior to beginning this procedure. Refer to your owner's manual for detailed information on the procedure to finalize a disc using the camcorder. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    • Do not use an 8cm CD adapter with the 8cm DVD. Doing so may cause a malfunction. If the DVD-ROM drive does not support an 8cm disc, use the USB transfer procedure instead.

    NOTE: This solution only applies to DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD-R recorded with a DVD Handycam® camcorder. Copying movie files from copyright-protected DVDs is not supported.

    1. Insert the camcorder DVD into a computer DVD-ROM drive that supports 8cm discs.

      NOTE: An icon of a DVD will appear on the desktop.

    2. On the computer desktop, click the DVD icon.
    3. On the menu bar, click File.
    4. In the File menu, click Open.
    5. In the DVD window, click to select the VIDEO_TS folder.
    6. On the keyboard, press Command+C to copy the folder.
    7. Open the folder or directory on the computer where you want to copy the video.
    8. On the keyboard, press Command+V to paste the folder containing the video into the desired location.


      • The video content can be played back by dragging the VIDEO_TS folder into a DVD Player application like iDVD® software.
      • To edit the video content you must use software that is compatible with the.VOB format.