Article ID : 00245608 / Last Modified : 02/21/2021

Cast a Chrome browser tab, entire desktop, or media files to your Android TV from your computer

    This article shows you how to cast a Chrome™ browser tab, the entire desktop, media folders, or individual files from your computer to an Android TV™ device over a network.

    Note: Most web content will display, but some plugins such as Silverlight, QuickTime, and VLC may not work.

    Before you start

    To activate casting on your TV, you’ll need:

    • An Android TV
    • A computer and network with the minimum system requirements
    • Your TV and computer must be connected to the same network
    • The latest version of the Chrome browser must be installed on the computer
      Note: To check the version, refer to the following:
      1. Click the More More options icon in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser.
      2. Click HelpAbout Google Chrome.

    Cast a Chrome browser tab, the entire desktop, or an audio or video file to the TV

    1. Launch the Google™ Chrome browser on your computer.
    2. Click the More More options icon in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser.
    3. Click Cast... and the cast Cast iconicon appears to the right of the Chrome address bar and a Cast Tab window will appear.
    4. Select the Sources dropdown and then follow the steps below according the casting method you want to use:
      • To cast the Chrome browser, click Cast tab.
      • To cast the desktop, click Cast desktop → click on the desktop screen in the Share your entire screen windowb> → click Share.
      • To cast an audio or video file, click Cast file → navigate to and select the file in the Open file window → click Open.
    5. Click to select the TV.
    6. To end casting, go to the right of the Chrome address bar, click the Cast Active Cast icon icon, hover over the device that is casting, then select Stop casting.


    • The Google Cast icon located on the top right corner of the Chrome browser appears blue Active Cast icon when it's successfully connected to the TV.
    • Netflix®, YouTube™, Pandora®, and other apps allow direct casting once you are using the service. Click the Cast Cast iconicon on the app or the website.

    Using the File Explorer on your computer to cast media files

    1. Open a the folder where the audio or video file is located.
    2. Follow these steps depending on the media you want to cast.
      • For audio or video files: Right click on the file.
      • For a folder of images: Right click on the folder.
    3. Navigate to Cast to Device and select the TV. The file will play or, if a folder is selected, a slideshow will start playing.


    If your TV device doesn't appear in the Cast window, or if casting to your TV fails, refer to the following article:
    Casting from mobile devices or computers to the TV fails.