Article ID : 00229127 / Last Modified : 07/08/2019

No sound from my Wireless Glass Speaker when using a Bluetooth connection

    Check the following information if you can't hear any sound from your LSPX-S2 Wireless Glass Speaker when you play audio from a paired Bluetooth® device.

    • Make sure the Bluetooth indicator at the bottom of your speaker is lit.

      LSPXS2 Glass speaker Bluetooth indicator

    • Increase the volume of your speaker and the paired device.
    • If the speaker is connected to a computer running music software, restart the music software.
    • If an audio cable is plugged in the AUDIO IN port of your speaker, unplug the cable.
      • If there's still no sound, press the BLUETOOTH/-PAIRING button at the bottom of your speaker.
    • Bluetooth is disconnected if you connect your speaker to your Wi-Fi® network or if you press the Push & Play (Push & Play) button.
      • If Bluetooth doesn't automatically reconnect, press the BLUETOOTH/-PAIRING button.
    • Turn off the Bluetooth function of your paired device then turn it back on.

    If your speaker still can't play audio from your paired device, delete the speaker from the list of connected devices and repeat the Bluetooth pairing procedure again.