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How to care for the organic glass cylinder

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    Without using strong force, brush away dust with a soft brush or feather duster, and use the supplied cleaning cloth to wipe the organic glass clean.

    If the organic glass is oily or covered in fingerprints, breathe onto it and use the supplied cleaning cloth to wipe it off.
    If the organic glass is exceptionally dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth that has been dampened with cold or lukewarm soapy water.


    Follow these precautions when handling and cleaning your wireless glass speaker:

    • Don't grip the organic glass tube.
    • Avoid hitting or bumping the glass tube against other objects.
    • Don't splash water on any part of your speaker.
    • When cleaning your speaker:
      • Don't disassemble your speaker. The glass tube is designed so that dust won't stick to its interior.
      • Don't use benzene, alcohol, thinner, detergent, etc. These chemicals will damage the surface finish of the speaker.