Article ID : 00241046 / Last Modified : 04/05/2021

Reminder feature for Android TV

    IMPORTANT: This article is for specific TVs and their operating systems (OS) only sold in Colombia. For more details, check the Applicable Products and Categories section and refer to the Which version of the Android operating system is installed on my Android TV™? article.

    The Reminder function makes sure that you don’t miss your favorite TV shows. Even if you are watching another TV program, it will be switched to the selected TV show automatically. Also, the Reminder function works when the TV is in standby mode and can be set for up to 18 programs.

    Set the Reminder function

    Cancel the Reminder function


    • The Reminder function and Timer REC function cannot be set for the same program simultaneously.
    • When the TV is turned on by the Reminder function, it won’t turn off automatically. Please make sure to cancel the TV programs already set from the Reminder list before you leave.