Article ID : 00260617 / Last Modified : 04/06/2021

The error message “Unable to use memory card” appears when a memory card is inserted into the ILCE-7SM3 camera

    In June 2020, an announcement was made that free replacements would be made available for eligible SD™ cards (SF-G Series TOUGH, SF-M Series TOUGH, or SF-M Series SDXC/SDHC UHS-II) due to a problem that recorded data on the card may be damaged or data may not be recorded correctly when shooting video on a camera in video speed class mode (the camera compatible with video speed class V60/V90 etc. as recommended recording media).

    Since this camera is one that supports video speed class specifications, the problem may occur. Accordingly, an alert is programmed to appear when the camera detects that an affected card is inserted. The alert doesn't appear when the proper card is inserted.

    If you receive an inquiry from a user, verify that the card is affected according to the Replacement Program for Some SD Memory Cards article. If affected, then proceed with the replacement process.

    If the card is not one of the cards eligible for free replacement, it may be that there is a separate issue. Upon confirming an issue with the card such as poor electrical contact, direct the user to a repair service.