Article ID : 00268264 / Last Modified : 09/09/2021

The sound quality is poor when listening to music while connected to a computer.

    If the sound quality is poor when listening to music, the devices might be connected with an HFP (for calls) profile Bluetooth connection and not with an A2DP (For music playback) profile. If using a Windows computer, set the following on the Sound settings of the computer:

    • Set Headphones (SRS-NB10 Stereo) to DefaultA2 DP Device.
    • Set Headset (SRS-NB10 Hands-Free) to Default Communication Device


    • When using a computer in multipoint connection, an A2DP or HFP icon might not be displayed in the Sound setting. If this is the case, select either Audio Sink (A2DP) or Handsfree Telephony (HFP) under the Services tab again and the icon will be displayed.
    • For details on changing the settings of the computer, refer to the computer manual.