Steady handling
    As befitting Sony's flagship Cyber-shot, the new DSC-HX1 takes classic SLR camera styling to new heights. Finely balanced and with a unique leather-like finish, the HX1 smoothly integrates basic structural elements — lens, finder, LCD and flash — into a lightweight, compact design that is pure magic in your hands. The comfortably familiar form is accented by an enlarged grip for excellent handling and enhanced stability.
    Superb functionality
    Swift, sure operation is a hallmark of the HX1. All main controls are conveniently located on the right within easy reach of your thumb and forefinger, assuring rapid access so you never miss a photo opportunity.

    Main shooting modes are now selected with the mode dial, which has a two-layered, knurled edge — the upper layer delicately grated and the lower with vertical scoring — to deliver smooth, confident operation with either fingertips or thumb. Mode settings are logically grouped, as exemplified by the side-by-side positioning of Sweep Panorama and Hand-held Twilight modes.

    Improved functionality extends to the shutter release button, now encircled by a ring-type zoom key. This speeds composition and shooting by locating both controls under the same finger. Two additional buttons, FOCUS and BRK, allow you to quickly select focus modes and continuous shooting, respectively.

    Another level of ease

    Inheriting the superbly functional design of Sony's Series SLR cameras, the HX1 is now equipped with a Jog dial. Just rotate to select a setting, then click to lock it in. The Jog dial brings pro-calibre, one-handed operation to Cyber-shot, eliminating hand-to-hand juggling to vastly simplify use.

    In another nod to Sony , the camera includes a programmable Custom button, which you can set to activate Smile Shutter, adjust white balance or select a metering mode — just another way the HX1 enhances shooting ease.

    The “G Lens” experience
    The HX1 is the first Cyber-shot equipped with “G Lens”. Featuring Sony’s own precision optics, “G Lens” represents a new step forward for people serious about their photos. Its lustrous black barrel adds a distinctive look of quality, inspiring you to pick up the HX1 and be your best.
    180-degree tiltable LCD
    What a view. The 230,400-dot 3.0-type Clear Photo LCD Plus delivers crisp, clear images both when shooting and previewing. This unique LCD tilts up or down approximately 90 degrees to simplify high- and low-angle shots. Viewing is further enhanced thanks to an AR (anti-reflective) coating that provides sharp visibility even in bright sunlight.
    Super coating, super sound
    Never worry about minor bumps and scrapes again. The HX1 is encased in a scratch-resistant UV hard coating for added protection against the rigours of daily use. And for high-quality audio reproduction when shooting HD movies, the stereo microphone captures all the thrills and excitement of the original scene.