Article ID : S1F0734 / Last Modified : 08/13/2019

How to Import Movies to a Computer Using Apple® iMovie®'09 Software

    STEP 1: Connecting

    1. Turn on the computer.
    2. When importing movies recorded on a memory card, insert a memory card into the camcorder.
    3. Connect the camcorder to a wall outlet with the AC Adaptor.
    4. Turn on the camcorder.
    5. Connect the camcorder to the computer using the supplied USB cable. The exterior design of the camcorder and the cable may differ depending on the camcorder you are using.

      After the connection, the USB SELECT screen appears on the camcorder automatically.

    6. Select the recording medium you want to import from as shown below. The selectable recording media may differ depending on the camcorder you are using.
      USB CONNECT: for the internal hard disk
      USB CONNECT: for the internal memory
      USB CONNECT: for the memory card

    7. An "Untitled" icon or "NO NAME" icon appears on the computer desktop.

    STEP 2: Viewing

    1. Start iMovie '09.

    2. Click the Open Camera Import window button at the left side of the window. A device where the images are stored is shown as "Import From:".
      The device may appear automatically without clicking the Open Camera Import window button.

      To import all the movies:
      1. Click Automatic.
      2. Click Import All....

      To import selected movies:
      1. Click Manual.
      2. Click and check the boxes under the movies you want to import.
      3. Click Import Checked....

    3. Select the location to save, input an event name in Create new Event, and click Import.

    4. The movie import starts. When the Import complete message appears, click OK.

    • When disconnecting the USB cable, drag the Untitled or NO NAME icon to the Trash icon or turn off the computer, then disconnect the USB cable.
    • For editing, refer to Help > iMovie Help.


    • Functions such as "One Touch Disc Burn" cannot be used with Macintosh® operating system.
    • If you cannot import movies, update the software and operating system, then try again.
    • AVCHD and MPEG2 movies are supported by iMovie '08 or later.