Article ID : S1Q0119 / Last Modified : 03/31/2006

Important Notice For HDV Handycam® Camcorder Users

    Regarding an issue where videos recorded with Sony® HDV camcorders may pause during playback.

    Some tapes recorded with an HDV camcorder may pause for a moment (approximately 0.5 seconds) during playback, interrupting the recorded images and sound.

    The majority of these cases are caused when a small fragment of the tape surface breaks off. When the fragment falls and adheres to the tape, or the camcorder heads, it does not allow the signals to be recorded or played correctly. Depending on the quality of the tape, this problem can occur even if the tape is new or has been used for only a short period of time.

    If the fragmentation occurs while playing back a previously recorded tape, you can rewind and the tape will play normally. However, if the fragmentation occurs while recording, you will not be able to recover the lost images and sound.

    To avoid this problem, Sony recommends you use high-quality tapes with your Sony HDV camcorder. Sony guarantees the quality of all of its tapes, including the DVM-63HD MiniDV cassette, which is ideal for use in HDV camcorders.

    If the problem occurs frequently:

    1. Use a head cleaner cassette to clean the heads of the camcorder for 10 seconds.
    2. Use video tapes manufactured by Sony.

    If the problem persists, your camera may need to be serviced. Contact an Authorized Service Center to resolve the problem.

    Sony recommends you use the Sony DVM-12CLD MiniDV head cleaner cassette and Sony DVM-63HD MiniDV cassette tapes to record in HDV format. These products are sold separately.

    NOTE: The HDR-FX1 Handycam® camcorder comes with a head cleaner cassette.