Article ID : S1Q0403 / Last Modified : 06/10/2010

For Argentina Only: Notification to stop using Sony color CRT TVs manufactured prior to 1991

    Sony has learned that certain Sony CRT color televisions manufactured prior to 1991 contain a particular inner component that may suffer age deterioration following very long term usage and thus overheat. This overheating may, in rare cases, cause the component to catch fire and result in a burn to TV set and at times damage to surrounding property. As a result, Sony would like to ask you to stop using these televisions.

    Only Sony televisions which meet all three of the following criteria are affected:

    1. Your television model must be listed below:
      • KV-1400AN
      • KV-1612AN
      • KV-2022AN

      Note: The model name is usually located on the back of the TV.

    2. The television was manufactured before 1991.

      Note: The manufactured date (month and year) is located on the back of the TV.

    If you are unable to confirm if your TV is an affected unit, please contact our Contact Center at (11) 6770-7669.