Article ID : SX697602 / Last Modified : 03/13/2019

My Xperia 10, Xperia 10+ will not get GPS location fix (Applicable US customers)

    Currently the process to be recommended to our customers is a Factory Data Reset will fix the issue.

    For any GPS related query, ask below questions to the customers:

    1. Model
    2. Operator           
    3. Was the SIM in the phone swapped at some point (for example Verizon SIM inserted, then replaced with AT&T or T-Mobile SIM?)           
    4. If SIM swap did occur, ask the sequence of SIM swap           
    5. Request use case details and application used

    The answers to those questions must be stored in Siebel under a notes activity.
    All of these kind of cases must be categorized in Siebel with the following:
    Category – Apps and settings
    Sub-category - Navigation function (GPS)
    Symptom - Navigation App does not start
    This is mandatory for all of this cases and for all interactions from customers with these devices and this specific issue.