Article ID : S1Q0125 / Last Modified : 12/11/2003Print

Notice to Customers of Sony Video Cameras and Digital Still Cameras Regarding Use of Rechargeable Battery Packs

    Sony has become aware that there are certain battery packs available in the market which look almost identical to a genuine Sony battery pack but are counterfeit and that such battery packs may cause safety dangers such as overheating/catching on fire or battery pack disintegration.

    Some of these battery packs may not comply with the Sony quality standards, specifications and requirements for long-time, high-power usages of rechargeable batteries and may cause a failure or an accident that may lead to bodily injury and/or property damage.

    For your safety, we would like to remind you to only use genuine Sony rechargeable battery packs for Sony Video Cameras and Digital Still Cameras. Sony will not accept responsibility for any damages or failures caused by non-genuine battery packs.

    Sony Corporation