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Movies recorded with the camera include camera operating sounds and noise that I did not hear during recording.

    Due to the lens and camera structure, some internal operating sounds may be recorded in movies. The sounds are inaudible in most recording environments but are easier to hear where it is very quiet.

    Check the following.

    • Any zooming or dial or button operations during movie recording may cause lens operating sounds or zoom lever or dial sounds to be recorded.
    • Zooming sounds can be reduced on models with variable zoom, such as power zoom or zoom using the zoom lever on the camera, by setting the zoom speed to low.
    • Rubbing sounds may be recorded if your finger or other objects touch the microphone area. Do not touch this area when recording movies.

    NOTES: The following applies to some cameras. To see if your camera includes these functions, refer to specifications in the included manual.

    • If your camera has an audio input jack for an optional external mic, you can reduce operating sounds and the like by connecting an external mic when recording.
    • If the menu includes Audio Recording or Audio Rec Level, set Audio Recording to Off to disable audio recording, or set Audio Rec Level to the minimum level.
    • With compatible models, you can use an optional XLR adapter kit (XLR microphone).