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The camera displays an error beginning with E:**, C:**, or System error

    The handling differs depending on the displayed error.


    Error is displayed when you are using the internal memory

    • This error occurs in the internal memory.
      • Turn off the camera.
      • Turn on the camera again.
        Note: If the situation is not improved, format the internal memory after backing up the stored data.

        WARNING! There is a risk of data loss. When you format the internal memory, all stored images will be deleted including protected ones.

    Error displays when a memory card is used

    • This error occurs in the memory card.
      • Turn off the camera
      • Insert and remove the memory card several times.
      • Turn on the camera again.
      • Check whether the memory card is supported by the camera. For more details on compatible memory cards, refer to the operating instructions supplied with tcamera. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
        The error code “C:13:01” may be displayed when you record large amounts of data, such as when recording movies.
      • Use another memory card.
      • If you record and delete images repeatedly, the files on the memory card may become fragmented and the recording may stop automatically.
      • After backing up the stored data to your computer, format the memory card with the camera.

        WARNING! There is a risk of data loss. When you format the memory card, all stored images will be deleted including protected ones.

    System error and Errors that start from C:32, E:41,E:61, E:62 ,E:91, E:92

    • When the errors below are displayed
      • Turn off the camera.
      • Remove the battery pack.
      • Attach the battery pack
      • After one minute, turn on the power of the camera.

    Check the table below for other errors displayed on your camera.

    Error CodePossible Causes
    System errorIssue with the hardware
    C:32:01Issue with the hardware
    E:41:00Issue with Wi-Fi
    E: 61: 00Issue of the focus drive
    E: 61: 10Issue of the zoom driving part
    E: 61: 30Issue of the lens driving part
    E: 62: 02Issue of the image stabilization
    E: 62: 10
    E: 62: 11
    E: 62: 12
    E: 62: 20
    E: 91: 01Issue of the flash unit part
    E: 91: xxIssue of the flash unit part, battery recognition, etc.

    If the error isn't resolved after following the troubleshooting steps for the corresponding error listed in the table, service may be required.  Go to Product Repair.