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Images cannot be imported from the camera in PlayMemories Home.

    If you cannot import images from the camera in PlayMemories Home, check the following:

    1. Check if the camera is recognized by the computer:

    2. Install the latest version of PlayMemories Home.

    3. Perform the device authentication to add the camera’s functions to PlayMemories Home:

      File FormatDevice Authentication
      XAVC SRequired
      Still imagesNot Required
      MPEG-4Not Required
      1. Make sure to connect the camera to the computer with the supplied USB cable after turning on the camera.

      2. When the following message is displayed, click Yes. If you do not click Yes, the USB operation mode will be set to MTP, which will not allow PlayMemories Home to import photos and videos.

        To use (model name) with PlayMemories Home, the USB operation mode must be changed. Do you want to continue?

      3. When PlayMemories Home recognizes the camera, the message Thank you for purchasing (model name) will be displayed. Click OK to close the message. If you do not click on OK, the device authentication will not be completed.

    4. While PlayMemories Home is launched, check and secure the USB connection between the camera and the computer.

    5. Check that the images stored in the camera's memory or the memory card inserted into it were recorded by the camera itself.

      NOTE: Some photos or videos stored in the camera's memory or the memory card inserted into it may not be recognized if a different device recorded them.

    6. After disconnecting the camera from the computer, change the USB Connect Setting to Mass Storage, and change the USB LUN Setting to Single. Reconnect the camera to the computer and repeat Step 3 to see if the device can be authenticated. The following is an example of this procedure:

      NOTE: Depending on the camera, operation may vary or the setting item may not exist. For details, refer to your camera’s instruction manual.

      • Handycam

        • Select MENU → Setup → (Connection). Set USB Connect Setting to Mass Storage.
        • Select MENU → Setup → (Connection) in that order. Set USB LUN Setting to Single.
      • Cyber-shot

        • Select MENU → (Setup) in that order. Set USB Connect Setting to Mass Storage.
        • Select MENU →  (Setup) in that order. Set USB LUN Setting to Single.
      • α (Alpha)

        • Select MENU → Setup in that order. Set USB Connection to Mass Storage.
        • NOTE: There is no USB LUN Setting.
    7. Reconnect the camera and the computer with the USB cable.

      NOTE:  The computer may not correctly recognize the camera if using a USB 3.0 port. If your computer has both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, connect to a USB 2.0 port and see if the camera is recognized. If your computer does not have a USB 2.0 port, try connecting the USB cable to another USB port on the computer. If the problem persists, connect the USB cable to all USB ports on the computer and repeat Step 3 to see if the device can be authenticated. For details on the USB ports your computer is equipped with, see the instruction manual for your computer or inquire with the manufacturer.

    8. Restart the computer.

      NOTE: There is a possibility that the device cannot be authenticated due to an unstable process on the computer:

      1. Disconnect the USB cable from the computer and restart the computer.
      2. Turn the camera off.
      3. After the computer finishes restarting, turn the camera on and connect it to the computer, then repeat Step 3 to see if the device can be authenticated.
    9. When you are using a Windows computer, there may be a problem with PlayMemories Home. Run the PlayMemories Home Settings Initialization Tool to restore the program to its initial settings (settings immediately after installation), then repeat Step 3 to see if the device can be authenticated. Follow the steps in the How to run PlayMemories Home Settings Initialization Tool (Windows) article to initialize PlayMemories Home.

    10. If it is still not operating properly, uninstall the PlayMemories Home software, then install the latest version of PlayMemories Home: