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The BRAVIA Sync feature does not operate properly.

    For this feature to work, each product must be connected with an HDMI® cable and be setup to communicate through the HDMI connection. It will not work if all of the HDMI-connected products do not have the BRAVIA® Sync feature. Make sure the HDMI Control setting in the menu system for each product is set to On.


    • Not all devices with an HDMI connection have the BRAVIA Sync feature. Consult the instruction manuals for the devices you are trying to control to confirm whether or not BRAVIA Sync is available. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    • Some devices with multiple HDMI inputs, require that a specific HDMI input be used for the BRAVIA Sync feature to work. Refer to the manual of the device for additional information.


    • Sony products with BRAVIA Sync use the Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) protocol.
    • Sony products manufactured in 2006 and prior do not have this feature.