Article ID : 00012104 / Last Modified : 10/22/2020

Can an SDXC card be used in the camera?

    WARNING: If you insert the SDXC memory card into a non-compatible device, a message to recommend card format may appear. In this case, do not format the card, otherwise all the data will be lost.

    Sony has verified operations for the following SDXC memory cards:

    • SanDisk: SDSDH-064G-J95
    • Toshiba: THNSU064GAA2BC

    NOTE: There are some restrictions for importing and exporting images stored on the SDXC memory cards. When the camera is connected to another device such as a computer or an AV device using a USB cable, the device must be compatible with the exFAT file format. When you insert the SDXC memory card into the card slot of the device and import images directly, the card slot must be compatible with the SDXC memory cards. Check the system requirements of the device prior to usage in order to avoid data loss or corruption.