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The car stereo does not recognize that an Apple iPod portable player is connected.

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To determine why the iPod® portable player is not being recognized by the car CD receiver, follow these steps to try to resolve the issue:


  • Not all car stereos allow the connection of iPod portable players. To see if your car stereo has the necessary input for iPod portable players, check the product specifications.
  • If model-specific information is required to complete any of the steps in this solution, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product.
  • When connected to the dock connector, operation from the iPod portable player cannot be performed.

NOTE: Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the iPod music player status after completing each step.

  1. Verify that your iPod model is listed on the iPod Compatibility Chart for the car stereo. The compatibility chart can be found under your specific model of car stereo on the website.
  2. Verify that the iPod dock connector is securely connected to the iPod music player.
  3. On the iPod portable player, verify that the Xplod logo is displayed on the screen.

    NOTE: If the Xplod™ logo does not display on the iPod portable player, verify that the iPod battery has an adequate charge to operate. If the iPod portable player has an adequate charge and the Xplod logo still does not display, on the car stereo, press the RESET button.

  4. On the car stereo, press the SOURCE button until PD 1 PORTABLE is selected.
  5. Press the MODE button.
  6. Press the RESET button.
  7. If available, connect a different iPod portable player to the connector.
  8. Reset the iPod portable player in the iPod menu. Information about how to do this should be available in the operating instructions that came supplied with your iPod portable player, or we recommend that you contact Apple® directly.
  9. If the iPod portable player was working before, try to restore the iPod using the iTunes® application.

    WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. Restoring the iPod using the iTunes application will erase everything that you have on your iPod.

The troubleshooting steps listed above should resolve your issue. If you have completed all of the steps and the issue is not resolved, service may be required. Go to Product Repair.