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Are there any weight or size limits for USB devices connected to the car stereo?

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NOTE: Not all of the car stereo receivers are manufactured with USB ports. To see if your car stereo is USB compatible, check the product specifications.

The weight limit will vary depending upon your configuration. Typically, a USB device up to 25g (0.9 oz) can be connected to the car stereo receivers.


  • Use an extension cable when using a heavier USB device.
  • Do not allow devices to hang from the USB port.
  • Limit the size so that the devices do not swing or move around due to vibration or movement of the car, which could affect the safe operation of the device.

For the Sony® Digital Media car stereo receivers with a built-in TUNE TRAY, the capacity, or size of the TUNE TRAY is approximately 65 x 17 x 118 mm (2-9/16 x 21/32 x 4-5/8 in) (w/h/d). If the size of the USB device alone or combined with the USB cable cannot be placed easily in the TUNE TRAY without using force, the device may be exceeding the tray capacity. In this case, we recommend that this not be used.

The list of USB compatibility is also available for more detailed information.