Article ID : 00229037 / Last Modified : 12/12/2019

Virtual Keyboard is missing from my Android TV

    Follow the steps below. Check if the virtual keyboard of your TV works after performing each step.

    1. Make sure Gboard is the current keyboard on your TV:
      1. Select Settings → Keyboard.
      2. Check if the Current keyboard is Gboard and the Physical keyboard is grayed out.
        • The physical keyboard is active only when you connect a USB keyboard to your TV.
    2. Test the virtual keyboard.
      1. Press the HOME button.
      2. Go to Search movies, TV and more on the upper left of the screen.
      3. Select the keyboard icon and press Enter.
    3. If the virtual keyboard doesn't appear, disconnect any USB device plugged into your TV including flash drives, USB keyboards, Google Chromecast™ devices, Amazon® Fire TV™ Stick devices, Wi-Fi® range extenders, Bluetooth® devices, etc.
    4. Uninstall any Gboard update. Follow either of these steps:
      • Uninstall updates from the Google Play™ store.
        1. Open the Google Play store.
        2. Select My apps.
        3. Under Recently Updated select Gboard - the Google Keyboard.
        4. Select UNINSTALL UPDATES.
      • Uninstall updates from the TV settings.
        • Select SettingsAppsGboardUninstall updates.
      • Note:  If UNINSTALL UPDATES or Uninstall updates isn’t available, proceed to the next step.
    5. Make sure all the Google Play store apps are updated.
    6. Update the software of your TV.
    7. If the issue still occurs, perform a factory data reset.

    If you can’t perform the above steps because of the lack of a virtual keyboard, try either of the following:

    • Connect a USB keyboard to your TV
      • If your TV recognizes the USB keyboard, it becomes the default option and the virtual keyboard is disabled.
    • Use the Android TV Remote Control app for your Android™ or iOS™ smartphone.
      • Make sure your mobile device and TV are connected to the same network
      • Pair your phone to the TV over Bluetooth
      • A keyboard appears on your mobile phone when you select the Search option on the TV or the Remote Control app.