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Functions of your XBR-X850G/X950G/Z9G/A9G series TVs

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This article describes the main functions of the XBR X850G/X950G/Z9G/A9G series TVs. For detailed information, check the TV manual.

Enjoy Android TV™ apps and content

You can enjoy thousands of movies, TV shows, and games from YouTube™, Netflix® and other apps from the Google Play™ Store.

Use your voice to search content or operate your TV

Your TV has the Google Assistant built-in and allows you to search for programs and control your TV using your voice.

Use and customize the Home screen

You can change the TV settings or search for recommended programs and apps from the Home screen.

Switch the TV input with the remote control

You can press the INPUT button on the remote control to select what you want to display on your TV from a connected cable or satellite box, HDMI devices, USB drives, or apps.

Refer to the following articles for information on connecting other devices:

Quick Settings menu

TheGear button on the remote control launches the Quick Settings menu on your TV and allows you to adjust settings such as sound and picture preferences.

Cast videos and photos from your mobile device to the TV (Chromecast Built-In)

You can cast your favorite entertainment programs and apps from your mobile device or computer to your TV.

Amazon Alexa

You can use an Amazon® Alexa™ device such as an Amazon Echo™ and Amazon Echo Dot™ device to operate your TV.