Article ID : 00225587 / Last Modified : 07/15/2019

A sponsored channel has suddenly appeared on my TV Home menu

    Q1: Why has my TV Home menu changed?

    A1: This change is included in the latest Android TV™ Launcher app (Home app) update. The purpose is to help you discover new apps and contents for your TV.

    Q2: What determines which apps will appear in the Sponsored channel?

    A2: This channel is managed by Google.

    Q3: Can I add or remove the apps in the Sponsored channel?

    A3: No, these apps cannot be manually changed.

    Q4: Can I prevent content from appearing in the Home menu?

    A4: To keep content from appearing in the Home menu of your TV, you will need to create and enable a Restricted Profile on your TV and then select the apps you would like to use.

    • Create a Restricted Profile and select your preferred apps.

    • Select apps if you already have a Restricted Profile.

    Q5. Can I prevent a video preview from playing on the Sponsored channel?

    A5. You can't turn off video previews just for the Sponsored channel, but you can turn off video previews for all channels on the Home menu.

    1. Press the HOME button on the remote control.
    2. Select GearSettings > Home screen > Enable video previews > Off