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A Popping or Crackling Sound Is Heard When Changing Channels Using a Cable Box

A pop or crackling sound is also heard when fast forwarding a satellite recording.

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If the issue only occurs using a cable box, then the cable box may be the issue. Likewise, if the noise doesn't occur when using the built-in tuner of your TV, or when you change video inputs, the issue isn't on your TV.

Some cable or satellite set-top boxes allow the user to select a specific output setting. Change the following output settings on the set-top box:

  • Video output: 1080i
  • Audio output: stereo, PCM, or LPCM
  • 4 x 3 Override: Off


  • You may need to restart or reboot the set-top box after you make the changes above.
  • Contact your cable or satellite service provider for model-specific information and further troubleshooting steps.