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No longer able to access the Totalmovie app.

    IMPORTANT: Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, the Totalmovie™ service is no longer available and the app has been removed from the applications menu of the Internet video device. More information regarding this decision is available on the Totalmovie website.  

    The following will address frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the unavailability of the Totalmovie app through the Sony® TV:

    1. How can I keep watching the Totalmovie service?


      You can continue enjoying our content using our website or using one of the mobile applications. For additional information, contact us at:

    2. I was charged the monthly Totalmovie subscription fee and cannot see the service. I want a reimbursement.


      Please send an e-mail to atenció requesting a refund and include the following information.

      • Title: Sony-Totalmovie
      • Your Name:
      • E-mail address that was used to create the Totalmovie account:
      • Date of the last charge from Totalmovie:
    3. How can I cancel the service?


      Please send an e-mail to requesting the cancellation of service and include the following:
      • Title: Cancellation
      • Name:
      • E-mail address used to set up the Totalmovie service: