Article ID : S1Q0489 / Last Modified : 02/11/2019

Termination of the Facebook App on Certain Televisions

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Dear Valued Sony Customer,

Facebook, Inc. has decided that they will no longer support the Facebook App on certain devices including some models of Sony televisions.

As a result of Facebook's decision, the Facebook App will no longer be provided for the following models of Sony televisions after April 27, 2015.

  • KDL-xxEX42x Series
  • KDL-xxEX55x Series
  • KDL-xxEX72x Series
  • KDL-xxHX72x Series
  • KDL-xxHX75x Series
  • KDL-xxHX82x Series
  • KDL-xxHX85x Series
  • KDL-xxNX72x Series
  • KDL-xxR55x Series
  • KDL-xxW6xxA Series
  • KDL-xxW6xxB Series
  • KDL-xxW7xxB Series
  • KDL-xxW8xxA Series
  • KDL-xxW8xxB Series
  • KDL-xxW9xxA Series
  • KDL-xxW9xxB Series
  • KDL-xxX8xxB Series
  • XBR-xxHX92x Series
  • XBR-xxHX95x Series
  • XBR-xxX9xxB Series