Article ID : 00014506 / Last Modified : 08/06/2019

How to use Bloggie as a webcam


    • The web camera function (USB streaming) will not be available if you are using an Apple® Macintosh® computer. This function is not supported on an Apple Macintosh computer.
    • Your computer must have a built-in USB port and compatible Webcam software, such as the Skype™ service.

    Follow these steps to set up the Bloggie® camera as a Webcam.

    1. Power on the Bloggie.
    2. Connect the Bloggie to the computer's USB port using the supplied USB adapter.

      NOTE: For convenience in using the Bloggie as a Webcam, the Tripod VCT-MTK can be purchased separately,

    3. When the USB connection is completed, the Mass Storage screen will appear on the LCD screen of the camera.
    4. On the Bloggie, press the Menu function button and select Web Camera.
    5. On the computer, start the Webcam software.


      • Contact the software manufacturer for assistance with setting up or using the Webcam software.