Easy Image Management

    Manage photos with your choice of view
    Image management is easy since photos can be viewed in your choice of four methods. Use Folder view, Date view, or Favorites view for standard management, or take advantage of Event view in bundled PMB (Picture Motion Browser) software. This view type automatically organises photos on your PC by “event” and appends a name to each event.
    Date view Event view Folder view Favorites
    Super easy face searches
    When searching for photos of people in the camera, Filter by Faces lets you find just what you want in no time. Using Face Detection technology, it conducts face searches in your choice of four categories: All People, Children, Infants or Smiles. Even when the camera contains a large amount of data with hundreds of portrait photos, this convenient feature makes finding the desired photo a cinch.

    Note: Searching by face is not possible in Folder view.
    All People