Touch Screen

    Exceptional ease with the unique Wide & Touch Screen
    Cyber-shot’s Wide & Touch Screen allows unsurpassed simplicity in shooting and sharing your pictures. The greatly enhanced Touch Screen integrates Touch Icons and on-screen buttons for easier, faster, more intuitive operation, while the 16:9 aspect ratio wide screen ensures easy visibility of all controls. Moreover, a simple uncluttered on-screen menu streamlines operation — showing just what’s needed for convenient operation without confusion. Only icons and buttons needed for the shooting situation are displayed, allowing fast, stress-free operation without any hesitation. You can see all information at a glance, then just touch the screen to instantly choose from a wide range of camera and movie shooting modes, change settings and displays, or select from three display modes. In fact, it’s never been simpler to capture and enjoy beautiful photos. Beginners and experts, youngsters and adults — anybody can take great shots effortlessly!
    “Touch-it” shooting functions
    What’s the fast, easy way to ensure accurate focusing? Simply touch your subject on the LCD screen. If you want to focus on a person, just touch that face to capture a clear portrait; if your subject is not a person, simply touch the desired object to activate the AF frame. Whatever you want to capture, just touch it on screen to make advanced shots easy. Focus adjustment is quick and precise so you can shoot when you like with great results.
    “Touch-it” viewing functions
    Want to adjust the view with ease? Just zoom into images up to 8x with the “Touch-it” viewing function. Then, adjust viewing with right/left and up/down keys for picture replay or viewing on a full screen.
    Area key function
    Switch off the icon display to allow picture replay or viewing on a full screen. Even with the display icon off, you can forward/rewind screen images smoothly by simply touching the right/left part of the LCD screen.
    Three selectable display modes for Camera and Playback modes
    Press the DISP button in Camera mode or Playback mode to select one of three display modes. In all three modes, you can select histogram On or Off and LCD brightness can be adjusted to either Normal or Bright.
    Fill the whole screen with wide zoom display
    Enjoy the enhanced view provided by wide zoom display. Simply press the icon on the Touch Screen to fill the LCD or connected wide-screen TV with your image. Utilising the same 16:9 aspect ratio of wide-screen televisions, this great function can even be used with photos shot at 4:3 or 3:2 aspect ratios, allowing you to experience all your memories in full wide-screen splendour.

    Note: Movies are displayed at the 4:3 aspect ratio.