DSC-HX1 1080p HD Movie Mode
    Beautiful photos and 1080p HD movies from one camera
    Shoot both high quality photos and movies with the DSC-HX1. This compact, high performance Cyber-shot delivers superb photos and HD movies, making it easy to fulfil all your imaging requirements without the need for separate still and video cameras. Simply flip the mode dial to change between photo and movie modes. Both modes utilise a Memory Stick to store photos and movies.
    Capture unforgettable moments in photos and movies
    Superb HD image quality
    The HX1 produces high definition movies using the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264* format. Now a standard camera can shoot HD movies at 30 fps with 1440 x 1080 resolution. Boasting a resolution five times higher than SD movies, the richly detailed movies reveal breathtaking clarity and stunning colours.

    * MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, Main Profile, 30 fps (approx.), Progressive, MP4/AAC
    SD Movie vs. 1080p HD Movie
    Four recording modes match playback needs
    Compact and highly portable, the HX1 delivers great performance despite its small size. The 4 GB Memory Stick can record up to 60 minutes* of high quality HD movies. When you want to record more, just pop in another Memory Stick. Four different recording modes are available depending on your needs: Two 1080 modes — Fine and Standard — for crisp, highly detailed HDTV playback; 720 mode for medium quality HDTV playback; and VGA mode for optimal delivery over the Internet.

    * Approximate. Fine mode, 1440 x 1080 pixels, 9 Mbps (highest quality). Maximum recording time for one movie file is approximately 10 minutes.
    Movie Size Average Bit Rate/Second Use
    1080 FINE 1080 Fine
    1440 × 1080 pixels
    12 Mbps (approx.)

    Shoot in 1080p (Fine) movie
    mode suitable for HDTV

    1080 STD 1080 Standard
    1440 × 1080 pixels
    7 Mbps (approx.)

    Shoot in 1080p (STD) movie
    mode suitable for HDTV

    720 720
    1280 × 720 pixels
    6 Mbps (approx.)

    Shoot in 720p movie
    mode suitable for HDTV

    640 × 480 pixels
    3 Mbps (approx.)

    Shoot at small image size for
    e-mail attachments

    Extended Zoom Range for HD Movies
    Extended zoom takes it all in
    The extended zoom range for which H Series is renowned, from 28 mm wide-angle to 560 mm super telephoto, offers nearly unlimited possibilities for composition and heightens HD shooting pleasure.
    28 mm wide-angle 560 mm (20x) super telephoto
    Comfortable Grip and Easy Access
    Optimal comfort and ease-of-use
    The HX1 is designed for supreme shooting comfort and simple operation. A simple flip of the mode dial and you are ready to shoot movies and select shooting modes — fast, simple operation so you never miss an opportunity. The HX1 even lets you shoot photos and movies simultaneously. You’ll also appreciate the built-in stereo microphone for obtaining crisp, clear audio recordings that convey all the quality and excitement of the original scene. And for a different perspective, the tiltable Clear Photo LCD Plus makes it a snap to shoot from high and low angles.
    Select shooting modes with the easy-to-use mode dial.
    Record high quality sound with the built-in stereo microphone.
    Tiltable Clear Photo LCD Plus offers high-and low-angle shooting possibilities.