Article ID : 00249348 / Last Modified : 05/12/2021

What images can be transferred from a Sony Wi-Fi enabled camera to a smartphone or tablet using Imaging Edge Mobile, and where they are saved

    IMPORTANT: Not all cameras have Wi-Fi® capability. For more details, refer to the instruction manual supplied with the camera. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    The Imaging Edge Mobile app can be used to transfer supported file formats for images and videos to a mobile device.

    Types of images or movies that can be transferred

    • Still images: JPEG format
    • Movies: MP4 format (except XAVC S)


    • The following file formats cannot be transferred to a mobile device using the Imaging Edge Mobile app:
      • AVCHD movies.
      • Audio files recorded using the HDR-MV1 in .WAV file.
      • Movies recorded in PS mode, HS120 mode or HS240 mode cannot be transferred to an Apple® iOS® mobile device.
      • Portrait orientation movies in MP4 file format with a resolution of 1080 or higher cannot be transferred using an iPhone® 4 mobile digital device.

    Example of movies that were recorded by the following devices that cannot be transferred to a mobile device using the PlayMemories Mobile app:

    • HDR-MV1: MP4 (1920x1080)
    • Action Cam: HQ mode (1920x1080)
    • DSC-TX300V (1440x1080)

    The images are stored in the Imaging Edge Mobile folder in the internal memory of the mobile device, or on a microSD/SD card when using an Android™ operating system. When using the iOS® operating system, the images are stored in the Apple iPhoneInternal StorageDCIM folder.