Article ID : 00250507 / Last Modified : 12/04/2020

There is flickering, flashing, or blinking noise on the screen when watching something like a dark scene.

    Picture noise is produced when you record with your camera at night, or in the dark, with high-resolution settings. Follow the steps below if these noises appear when you watch your videos on your Android TV™ device.

    1. On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.
    2. Select Settings or the gear icon.
    3. Under TV category, select Picture & Display.
    4. Select Picture adjustments.
    5. Select Advanced settings.
    6. Select Clarity and perform the following adjustments:
      • Decrease Sharpness to 50.
      • Change Reality Creation from Auto to Manual, then decrease the Resolution value.
      • Change Random noise reduction from Auto to High.
      • Change Digital noise reduction from Auto to High.

    Note: For some video sources, noise may still appear if Random noise reduction is set from Auto to High. In this case, set the Random noise reduction to Off.

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