Article ID : 00250191 / Last Modified : 01/25/2021

The on-screen keyboard doesn't appear when I try to use the text input box or press the enter button on the TV remote

    If the on-screen keyboard doesn't appear on the TV screen perform the following steps in order. checking after each to verify if the keyboard appears.

    Remove all USB devices from the TV

    1. Remove the all wired or wireless devices connected to the TV USB ports. The on-screen keyboard may not appear when a wired or wireless USB mouse is connected as the TV may recognize the USB mouse as a keyboard

      Example of a wireless mouse receiver:

      wireless mouse receiver

    2. Power reset the TV.

    Uninstall Gboard updates from the TV settings

    The Google™ Gboard is the current default keyboard for Android™ TV devices. If the keyboard does not appear after removing USB mouse devices, then do the following and check to verify that the keyboard appears after each step:

    Note: These steps may not apply depending on the model, operating system version, or Google specifications.

    1. Uninstall recent updates from the TV settings. Depending on your TV type:
      • Select SettingsApps → under System apps select GboardUninstall updatesOK.
      • Select SettingsApps See all appsGboardUninstall updatesOK.
    2. Uninstall any recent keyboard update installed from the Google Play™ store
      1. Open the Google Play store.
      2. Select My apps.
      3. Under Recently Updated, select GboardGoogle Keyboard.
      4. Select UNISTALL UPDATES.