Article ID : 00260526 / Last Modified : 04/05/2021

Sound is not output by the Dolby Atmos enabled speakers when input the DTS-HD Master Audio from the HDMI device connected to the Sound Bar.

    On the HDMI device connected to the Sound Bar, try either of the following settings:

    • Change the audio channel of the disc or content to an audio output other than DTS such as LPCM or Dolby.
    • Set the audio output setting of the HDMI device to LPCM.
      NOTE: For how to change the settings, refer to the manual of the HDMI device.

    What is Neural:X?
    Neural:X is the latest upmixing technology from DTS that expands the stereo 5.1 channel and 7.1 channel to multi channels. It can be played on the multi channel speaker including height speakers.