Article ID : S1Q0482 / Last Modified : 08/15/2014

Free Repair Program for VAIO Fit 11A Personal Computer

    Dear valued Sony VAIO customers,

    This is an update to our announcement posted on 5/30/2014, to identify the affected computers VAIO FIT 11A/Flip.

    As safety is our primary concern, we again request that if you have any VAIO FIT 11A/Flip computer models listed below, please immediately discontinue using it, turn off the computer and unplug it from the AC adaptor.

    Next, select the model of your computer and click the link to validate if your series is in the list of affected units.

    Model Numbers (Product Names):

    • SVF11N11CLB
    • SVF11N11CLP
    • SVF11N11CLS
    • SVF11N13CLB
    • SVF11N13CLP
    • SVF11N13CLS

    Nota:VAIO Fit 13A/14A/15A are unaffected.

    Check to see if your computer needs repair.

    Upon completion of the verification, if the notice indicates that your computer requires repair, visit our Authorized Service Centers to get support at no charge. Please contact the Center for Customer Care to find a servicer close you.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.