Article ID : 00229200 / Last Modified : 07/08/2019

Can I keep the Illumination LED lit up on my Wireless Glass Speaker without playing music?

    Yes, you can continuously enjoy your LSPX-S2 Wireless Glass Speaker's illumination LED without playing any music if the Auto Standby (auto power off) function is set to off.

    1. On your mobile device, launch the Music Center app.
    2. Select the wireless speaker from the Speaker & Group list.
    3. Select Settings.
    4. Select Power Option.
    5. Uncheck the Auto Standby setting.

    Note: Your speaker's Auto Standby function is set to on by default, so if 15 minutes have passed under the following conditions, your speaker automatically turns off.

    • There's no peaker operation.
    • The speaker is connected to a Bluetooth® device but doesn't play any music.
    • The music from the audio device connected to AUDIO IN doesn't play back or the output is very weak.